Publish date: 05 June 2018

The colour purple is pretty important to Travis Schultz and his family, but none of his colleagues knew there was such special meaning behind this colour chosen as the brand for Travis Schultz Law.  

More than 300 people attended the Travis Schultz Law launch at Pier33 in Mooloolaba recently where Travis’s mother Denise was invited to unveil an artwork by artist Anna Rubin of her father Jack O’Brien.

The moment was a surprise for Denise and from there the story about Jack and why the colour purple was shared publicly for the first time.


Jack O’Brien’s story

Jack was a Wing Commander pilot in the RAAF who fought in the Second World War (WWII) in an unit tasked with the strategic bombing of Germany in one of the most dangerous fronts that the Allied forces fought on.

Mr Schultz’s grandfather was in Bomber Command where there were about 125,000 air crew in WWII, of which 55,000 died, 8,400 were wounded in action and almost 10,000 became prisoners of war.

That meant only about 42% of Bomber Command personnel would make it through the the war alive and unscathed.

The average life expectancy of those in Bomber Command was only 11 sorties, yet Jack O’Brien and his crew managed to survive over 30 sorties before returning home at the end of the war.


The meaning behind the colour purple  

Among the many bravery medals Jack O’Brien was awarded, was a Distinguished Flying Cross which is one of the highest honours a member of the RAAF can be awarded and there are very few of them.

The purple and champagne colours of the new firm are those on the ribbon of the Cross.  

“To honour his memory and respect the family heritage, I thought it would make my mum proud to see those colours given prominence in the new firm,” Travis Schultz, principal Travis Schultz Law said.

“Remembering my grandfather is important to me – it is the character of Jack O’Brien’s bravery, resilience and a single-minded dedication to the cause which I hope I can instil in my 10-year-old son, Ashton.”


Client focussed representation

At the launch, Travis Schultz said he wanted to lead the way in client focussed representation on the Sunshine coast, which is why the firm takes on no win, no pay cases.

“Everyone has the right to the best representation, so we’re really supportive of a shift in the legal community toward fairer representation and looking after the little guy.”

“Our mission is to achieve the best possible outcomes for people and help get them back on track in life, and keeping costs to a minimum.”


A unique social justice approach

Travis Schultz Law has taken unique social justice approach to its structure as a professional services business, which provides access to all, zero up front cost and fair transparent pricing models, while significantly giving back to the community and still making a profit.

One of launch attendees Julian Porter, Principal Solicitor, Suncoast Community Legal Service said that while lawyers are committed to access to justice and pro bono work, having Travis Schultz Law coming out making it one of its key priorities, is really encouraging for the future.

“Often free legal advice is available with us, but administering it is expensive,” he said.

“Sometimes funding support is just about paying for administration to allow skillful people to do their jobs and not be tied down with file opening procedures.”


Learn more about the Travis Schultz Law difference here.


Travis Schultz and his mum, Denise, unveils an artwork of Jack O'Brien by international artist Anna Rubin to mark the launch of Travis Schultz Law.
Travis Schultz and his mum, Denise, unveils an artwork of Jack O’Brien by international artist Anna Rubin to mark the launch of Travis Schultz Law.



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