Have you got the attitude AND the aptitude?


About Us

Travis Schultz Law is a boutique  law firm servicing the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast in areas of civil litigation and insurance. The firm is looking to engage a solicitor to join the team at its Sunshine Coast practice. Because we only want genuine applicants, we are entirely  transparent about what we are and what we stand for. A long term relationship is sought with the successful applicant.  We are looking to recruit on attitude, just as much as aptitude.

The Role

The role will be based at the Sunshine Coast office working in civil claims and insurance matters. Experience is always an advantage, but we are open to applications from early career lawyers provided  they are committed to achieving a level of genuine expertise which meets the firm’s values. The successful applicant will be open to developing their expertise and skills to an Accredited Specialist level. We are searching for a professional who shares our vision of enabling access to justice, being a good corporate citizen, supporting community groups & charities and being prepared to offer pro-bono legal services.

What We Can Offer You:

  • a genuine team environment, where the successful applicant will get to work with 2 experienced lawyers who are accredited specialists;
  • our emphasis on continuous professional development which we demand to ensure that the firms’ vision of being a leading-edge firm in our areas of practice is a reality. But we meet the costs of keeping our team up to date.
  • No time recording (we only charge based on a court scale) so there are no daily or weekly chargeable hours targets to meet.
  • Happy clients! Our low fee and social justice model means no awkward conversations about fees. We don’t charge any uplift fees even where we take matters on a no win/no pay basis and we carry the cost of outlays (avoiding any need for litigation lending and interest). Our low 1/3rd  cap on professional fees in no win/no pay matters is significantly below the statutory (and usually applied) 50/50 rule. And applying the cap is an exception, not the rule! Happy clients mean a more enjoyable professional life.
  • Whilst we are rigid in our adherence to our values as a profession and good corporate citizen, we are flexible in our working arrangements.
  • the successful applicant, like our other lawyers, will support the community through pro-bono advice work, working within CLC’s and with a range of local charities and enjoy making a positive contribution to the community.

We believe that every case is different – there are no cookie-cutters in our firm, no case conferences or software programs to tell you how to run a file. If you can think for yourself, apply genuine legal expertise to each matter and put your clients first and foremost, then this is the firm for you. Our modest fee structure restrains our salary package but for the right individual, the work/life balance of a career  with a community conscious firm and all the benefits of a Sunshine Coast lifestyle will outweigh the money.