Palace v RCR O’Donnell Griffin Pty Ltd (in liq) [2021] QCA 137

Keywords: Costs, leave, proper respondent, Public liability claim, serious question to be tried

Allen v O’Donnell & Anor (No 2) [2021] QSC 149

Keywords: Costs, costs agreement, disclosure of costs agreement, indemnity principle, liability between client and solicitor, mandatory…

Metlife Insurance Limited v. Sandstrom [2021] NSWCA 123

Keywords: adverse medical opinions, assessment of claim, contractual obligations of insurer to assess claim in good…

Wicks v Workers Compensation Regulator (No. 2) [2021] QIRC 112

Keywords: Costs, dismissal of application by respondent to dismiss worker’s appeal, interlocutory application, statutory interpretation

McKay v Armstrong & Anor [2020] QDC

Keywords: Acceptance conditional on signing discharge, Costs, Magistrates Court Jurisdiction, More favourable than judgment, Offer, UCPR

Ellis Palmos v Pravlik [2020] VSC 112

Keywords: alleged non-compliance by Counsel with disclosure, Costs, fees of Senior Counsel an ‘unusual expense’, validity…

Williams v Amaca Pty Ltd [2020] NSWDDT 2

Keywords: Costs, Damages, Dust diseases

United Petroleum Australia Pty Ltd v Freehills [2020] VSCA 15

Keywords: application for leave to appeal refused, Costs, costs not recoverable, firm of solicitors acting for…

Yeung v Santosa Realty Co Pty Ltd & Anor [2020] VSCA 7

Keywords: apportionment of liability, Costs, defective stairs, delegated duty, duty of care, failure to inspect, foreseeable…

Menz v Wagga Wagga Show Society Inc (No 4) [2019] NSWSC 1369

Keywords: and a verdict and judgment were entered in favour of the defendant, Costs, defendant seeking…

Bell Lawyers Pty Ltd v Pentelow [2019] HCA 29

Keywords: anomalous, Chorley exception, Costs, costs payable, legal practitioners, renumeration, self-represented litigant, self-represented solicitor

Thompson v State of Queensland & Anor [2019] QSC 115

Keywords: Costs, costs implications, joint respondents, joint WCQ and PIPA, joint WorkCover and PIPA, multiple defendants

Roane-Spray v State of Queensland [2018] QDC 93

Keywords: appointment of costs assessor, Costs, costs assessment, whether Registrar erred in exercising discretion to appoint…

Paskins v Hail Creek Coal Pty Ltd [2017] QSC 213

Keywords: Costs, costs of two counsel, joint liability, multiple defendants, WCRA