Peterkovic v QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited [2023] QDC 220

Keywords: Disclosure of video surveillance footage, Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994 (Qld), motor vehicle accident, negligence,…

Marshall v Corbett & Anor [2023] QDC 211

Keywords: liability in issue, motor vehicle accident, reliability and credibility

Alldinger v Du Ranot [2023] NSWCA 271

Keywords: application to adduce further evidence, motor vehicle accident

Towell v Mooney & Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd [2023] QDC 130

Keywords: Damages, if any, motor vehicle accident, negligence, personal injury, personal training and pharmaceutical, previous injury…

Eustace v Dubrava & Anor [2023] QDC 100

Keywords: assessment of damages, motor vehicle accident

Ford v Nominal Defendant [2023] QCA 83

Keywords: motor vehicle accident, proper inquiry and search

David Smith v Peter Walker [2023] VSCA 61

Keywords: causation, contributory negligence, failing to keep a proper lookout, motor vehicle accident, negligence, torts

Alldinger v. Du Renot [2023] NSWDC 37

Keywords: assessment based on true earning capacity., assessment of damages, liability admitted, motor vehicle accident, plaintiff…

Baldock-Davis v Popham & Anor [2023] QSC 024

Keywords: assessment of damages, credibility, liability admitted, motor vehicle accident, personal injury

Eccles v. Lane [2022] WADC 105

Keywords: contributory negligence, indication of intention to turn., liability, motor vehicle accident, negligence, proper lookout

Maher v Russell [2022] ACTSC 297

Keywords: calculation of damages, fibromyalgia, global claim, motor vehicle accident, pre-existing conditions, quantum of damages, vicissitudes

Busch v Parker & Anor [2022] QSC 21

Keywords: assessment of damages, motor vehicle accident, personal injury, Whether the Plaintiff Has Proven Injury and…

Dixon v Isis Central Sugar Mill Company Ltd & Ors [2022] QSC 185

Keywords: Knowledge of Material Facts of a Decisive Character, Limitations of actions, motor vehicle accident, personal…

RBK v Montague [2022] VSCA 183

Keywords: heatstroke, motor vehicle accident, unconscious passenger left in parked vehicle, whether injury arose out of…

Booth v Erdhal [2022] ACTSC 200

Keywords: Civil law, competing experts for each side, competing versions from drivers, motor vehicle accident, negligence,…

Irlam v Byrnes [2022] NSWCA 81

Keywords: application of CLA, battery, contributory negligence defence, criminality defence, intentional conduct, motor vehicle accident