Woods v Murray River Council [2022] NSWDC 120

Keywords: absence of appropriate equipment, failure to supervise, manual lifting, safe system of work, workers’ compensation

Schokman v CCIG Investments Pty Ltd [2022] QCA 38

Keywords: intoxication, liability of employer for acts of employee, shared employee accommodation, vicarious liability, workers’ compensation

Cavanagh V Manning Valley Race Club Ltd [2022] NSWCA 36

Keywords: causation, repetitive turning of head resulting in cervical spine injury, tractor operation, workers’ compensation

Kup-Ferroth v. A1 Custom Stainless and Kitchens Pty Ltd [2022] QDC 3

Keywords: contributory negligence, Damages and causation, failure to take precautions, mental or nervous shock, workers’ compensation

Nathwani v Workers’ Compensation Regulator (No. 2) [2021] QIRC 351

Keywords: Costs, entitlement, successful appeal against review decision, workers’ compensation

McKenna v Karingal Inc [2021] VCC 1387

Keywords: contributory negligence, disability support worker, mechanical platform, safe system of work, workers’ compensation

Giles v State of Queensland [2021] QCA 206

Keywords: firefighter, first responders, psychiatric injury, workers’ compensation

Longbottom v L & R Collins [2021] QSC 242

Keywords: banana harvesting, causation, contributory negligence, training and instruction, workers’ compensation

McCormick v Mt Pleasant Stud Farm Pty Ltd (No 2) [2021] NSWDC 489

Keywords: Conflicts in evidence, contributory negligence, Credit, Employer’s duty of care, voluntary assumption of risk, workers’…

Knight v CPSM Pty Ltd [2021] QCA 199

Keywords: application for leave to adduce further evidence, causation, chemical exposure, Rule 766 UCPR, workers’ compensation

Turner v Brett Conlon Racing Pty Ltd [2021] VCC 1312

Keywords: Fall from racehorse, workers’ compensation

Futter v Williams [2021] VCC 1198

Keywords: contributory negligence, Dog bite at kennel, dog fight, dog pens inadequate, inadequate training to take…

Stokes v Workers’ Compensation Regulator [2021] QIRC 211

Keywords: aggravation of degeneration, appeal, over period of time, s 32, Whether injury arose out of…

Watson v Gippsland Community Health & Anor [2021] VCC 651

Keywords: broken electric bed, duty to perform risk assessments, employer’s knowledge of broken bed, in home…

Tyndall v Kestrel Coal Pty Ltd (No 3) [2021] QSC 119

Keywords: assessment of damages, causation, duty of care, future economic loss, s 305B of the Workers’…

Schokman v CCIG Investments Pty Ltd [2021] QSC 120

Keywords: causation, drunken misadventure, scope of duty and breach, standard of care, vicarious liability, workers’ compensation