Evans v Suncoast Fencing [2023] QDC 192

Keywords: date of injury, meaning of “injury” and “event”, workers’ compensation

Ritson v State of New South Wales [2023] NSWCA 226

Keywords: whether payment under a deed of settlement was damages, whether such payment was in respect…

Toll Holdings Ltd v Victorian WorkCover Authority [2023] VSC 567

Keywords: Administrative Law, decision to revoke approval as a self-insurer, Judicial Review, workers’ compensation

Graham v Peabody Energy Australia Pty Ltd [2023] NSWSC 1087

Keywords: medical examinations, workers’ compensation

Addison-Radford v State of Victoria [2023] VSC 457

Keywords: failure to obtain full and complete history, GEPIC, grounds for review, Judicial Review, psychological injury,…

Neale v Workers’ Compensation Regulator [2023] ICQ 17

Keywords: reasonable management action, workers’ compensation

I.C. Formwork Services Pty Limited v Moir [2023] ACTCA 31

Keywords: “State or Territory of connection”, APPEALS, Substantive law applicable to determine the claim for damages,…

Marchant v Workers’ Compensation Regulator [2023] QIRC 203

Keywords: appeal against review decision, entitlement to compensation, pre-existing/ underlying condition– application of the rule in…

Cottom v Scone Racing Club Ltd [2023] NSWSC 779

Keywords: application and appeal remitted to a differently constituted appeal panel, application for judicial review brought…

State of Queensland (Queensland Police Service) v Workers Compensation Regulator & Neville Stretton [2023] ICQ015

Keywords: appeal to industrial court, entitlement, investigation not conducted in a reasonable way, major significant contributing…

Gates v Sockeye Transport Pty Ltd & Anor [2023] QSC 84

Keywords: disability or disease, employment related injury, liability of employer, Presence at place of employment, workers’…

Cvilikas v Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service [2023] QSC 36

Keywords: contributory negligence, failure to warn, intervention in a task, manual handling, workers’ compensation

Broadbent v Workers’ Compensation Regulator [2023] QIRC 070

Keywords: appeal against decision of Workers Compensation Regulator, arising out of, major significant contributing factor, of…

Nkamba v Queensland Childcare Service Pty Ltd [2022] QDC 292

Keywords: contributory negligence, defect notification, lighting, mitigation of loss, negligence, safe system of work, workers’ compensation

Schafer v Glendale RV Syndication [2022] QDC 263

Keywords: causation, chef, pre-existing degenerative condition, shoulder, workers’ compensation