Travis Schultz Law offers a low cost structure which provides peace of mind to our clients as it eases the pressure of their legal matters.

No win, no fee

Free initial assessment plus our easy to understand no-win, no fee policy on selected case areas gives you the reassurance, support and access to justice, rather than the fear and burden of financial consequence.

No uplift fees

In Queensland, law firms are entitled to charge an additional amount on top of their normal fees, where they act on a speculative (no win/no fee) basis. This additional amount recognises both the risk that law firms have to take in agreeing to act on that basis, and the fact that they will have to wait quite some time to be paid for their work. The additional amount, called an “uplift fee”, can be as much as an extra 25% on top of their normal charges.Travis Schultz Law does not charge you any uplift fees as we believe that a fee structure must be transparent, certain and no more than a fair sum. Our client’s interests come first.