Release date: 13 June 2018

It’s a case of “back to the future” for prominent Sunshine Coast lawyer Travis Schultz, who has teamed up with his dynamic former Marketing Manager Jenny Swaine to take Travis Schultz Law to new heights.

Jenny worked at Schultz Toomey O’Brien Lawyers from 2010-2013 and the owner of Sunshine Coast Concierge Services has reunited with her former boss, assisting the newly launched law firm from 1 June with various events and communications.

The ambitious and fun loving colleagues are looking forward to again “sharing some laughs” and kicking some goals for the new law firm and for Sunshine Coast charities.

“I’m looking forward to working with Jen again in the new practice because she is a great fit for our team and the culture we have created,” Travis said.

“When Jen is on your team you know she has always got your back. She’s dependable, reliable and doesn’t accept mediocre outcomes.”

Jenny said Travis was adored by his team and added she had “never worked for such an amazing person in my life”.

“I think Wendy Faithful (our Practice Manager at the time) had to talk him into hiring me. I don’t think Travis was too sure at first about this outspoken chic from Sydney with the forthright manner,” Jenny laughed.

“He clearly caved to her pressure and I landed an awesome role and gained very close friends in Wendy and Travis in the process. The dynamics just worked. While Travis was obviously my boss he was always happy to listen to my thoughts and ideas and the collaboration just grew from there.

“Travis is a total machine because he works at a superhuman level. He can juggle one hundred things at once but still takes the time to ensure his team feels valued. He never, ever lets anyone down once he has committed to them, and there are not many people you can say that about,” Jenny said.

It’s clear these two get a kick out of working together because of their differing strengths and a shared competitive nature and sense of humour.

“Sometimes I can be too diplomatic and tactful and don’t get the message across clearly. Whereas Jen’s forthright and matter of fact approach leaves people in no doubt where they stand! At the end of the day, we get on extremely well and work well together,” Travis said.

Travis Schultz Law was officially launched in Mooloolaba on May 17, and specialises in personal injury law and civil disputes. As well as growing the business’ profile, Jenny has been engaged to organise client and charity events such as the Travis Schultz Winemakers Masterclass, which raises money for SunnyKids to assist at-risk children.

The sold out event will bring together a number of high profile winemakers from across the country to share their knowledge of the fine wines that have been meticulously matched to the menu at the Maroochy RSL Events Centre.

A dedicated philanthropist, Travis is also a long term supporter of September’s Wishlist Spring Carnival. Now in its tenth year, the invitation-only race day for high profile local businesses has raised more than $1 million for the Sunshine Coast’s public health service.

“Jen and I both agree that putting together some terrific community and charity events has been our greatest achievement from working together,” Travis said.

One of their most rewarding initiatives was the Student Athlete Awards, which provided funding and media recognition to assist talented but under-resourced junior athletes.

“We ran the award for a number of years and it made such a difference to these kids. There was no better feeling than watching the smile on their faces when they were announced as a monthly or annual winner,” Travis said.

While fundraising can be a serious business, these two make sure there’s still plenty of time for light hearted fun, with practical jokes being a core part of the work culture.

“Like the time the team applied Vegemite to my black phone’s hand piece and then buzzed me, or the time they completely filled my car with helium balloons,” Travis said.

“Or the time Travis stuck a ‘Contaminated’ notice on my office door. As I told him, it’s only because I’m so creative that I have such a messy desk,” shared Jenny.

Interestingly, these two local “influencers” have each become regional ambassadors for luxury car brands, with Travis promoting Coastline BMW and Jenny an ambassador for Range Rover and Jaguar.

“Perhaps that says something about us – Jen likes to ride in big four wheel drives that pull horse floats, while I prefer a sweet ride which oozes charm, sophistication and style,” joked Travis.

It’s clear there is never going to be a dull moment with these two working together again.