Release date: 14 April 2022

CAIRNS: From wrangling cattle of a weekend to fighting for people’s rights through the week, there’s not a lot Senior Lawyer, Beth Rolton, isn’t capable of. 

The mother of two has called Far North Queensland home for 22 years, where she has spent more than a decade devoting her career to working with injured people and ensuring they receive the compensation they deserve.

With time comes experience and over the years Ms Rolton has identified the need for a wider pool of expert lawyers in the region, especially when it comes to personal injury claims.

“I have committed to living and working in Cairns, but have always felt there was a lack of choice for injured (through no fault of their own) people who deserved fair fees, expert advice, exceptional service and excellent representation,” Ms Rolton said.

After working with larger corporates, Ms Rolton made the decision to research smaller firms in other areas of Queensland with a different set of values and more aligned to her own, in a bid to find a one which would align with the needs of the Cairns community and be willing to expand.

“Travis Schultz & Partners (TSP) stood out from the rest, they’re compassionate, they value highly experienced and skilled lawyers, they have a positive work culture and a fair fee structure of clients,” Ms Rolton said.

“I reached out to TSP in the hope they would see our community needed an alternative to the big firms and they were more than willing to come onboard.”

The opening of the new TSP office this week is timely with North Queensland currently ahead of the rest of the state when it comes to fatal motor vehicle accidents[1].

“North Queensland has seen 17 fatal car crashes so far this year and over the past 12 months, TSP has opened more than 200 motor vehicle injury related claims,” Ms Rolton said.

“With the Easter long weekend just around corner, we’re calling on motorists to remain vigilant, as we know from experience many motor vehicle accident related claims which find their way to our hands have often occurred of the holiday period.”

TSP Foundation and Managing Partner, Travis Schultz, said he has been supporting a number of clients in the Cairns region for the past four years and the expansion to a larger Cairns office will change the personal injury legal landscape in the Far North for the better.

“We are extremely excited to announce our expansion to a larger office in Cairns, which Ms Rolton will oversee,” Mr Schultz said.

“Ms Rolton brings a high degree of integrity and personal drive, to all her cases and has a wealth of experience being a Personal Injury Accredited Specialist, both as a practicing solicitor and in an educator’s role.

“Up until now, we have serviced clients in the region via a visiting serviced office arrangement, so to have a permanent presence in the region will be a game-changer.

“It’s hoped the TSP office, which is now officially open, will become the Far North’s go-to personal injury law firm.

“The expansion to Cairns is an exciting step forward as we continue to grow our client base.

“It’s our promise to bring a lower fee guarantee, industry-leading expertise and personalised service delivered with compassion and a community conscience, to the region.

“We are excited to welcome Ms Rolton to the TSP family and we know she will work hard to ensure our clients in the Far North are given a fighting chance.”

Cairns Chamber of Commerce CEO, Patricia O’Neill, welcomed the expansion and growth of one of their newest members.

“Our role is to advocate on behalf of small business in the Cairns region for policy change and assistance across all three levels of Government to ensure we retain a strong and viable business sector,” Ms O’Neill said.

“We currently have almost 14,000 businesses across our Local Government Area and we are delighted to add one more to it with the expansion of Travis Schultz & Partners Cairns Branch and we look forward to working with them.”

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