Release date: 10 September 2020

RACQ has updated its Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance policy after leading Queensland compensation lawyer, Travis Schultz and the Australian Lawyers Alliance(ALA), raised serious concerns about a discrepancy with their payments to allied health professionals treating patients.

The managing partner at Travis Schultz & Partners said RACQ has been quick to rectify the problem, which saw patients unable to use some allied health professional services if the cost was too high and in some cases, having to pay for rehabilitation and treatment out of their own pocket.

“RACQ make a real and positive difference to our community and are generous supporters of any number of Queensland charities and causes,” Mr Schultz said.

“It’s pleasing to see that RACQ has revised its approach to payment of the treatment fees of allied health practitioners; once again reinforcing its commitment to supporting Queenslanders in need.”

The Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) has since been in contact with CTP insurers to confirm they are all adopting a consistent approach in approving reasonable and appropriate treatment expenses.

Redlands mum Jessie Green said she is pleased to see changes to RACQ’s policy after she found herself having to use her own money for a podiatrist following an accident where a driver lost control of a car and hit her and her daughter in a pram.

“I’m glad MAIC has seen the need for clarity on this issue and is going back to the table to alleviate this stress for people like myself who have been injured and then forced to put their hand in their own pockets to get treatment,” Ms Green said.

“The sooner the Commission can find a way forward; so many more people will be saved from finding themselves in my current stressful situation.”

MAIC said in a statement on its website that the guidance it has provided to all insurers in relation to treatment costs is as follows:

  • The cost is in line with what a member of the public without a CTP insurance claim would be charged for the same service.
  • The fee is in line with normal market rates.

It added that it never intended that the above be interpreted in a way that creates a schedule of fees or places caps on fees for Queensland CTP claims.

MAIC is organising a roundtable meeting with stakeholders to ensure there is clarity around CTP insurance claims.

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