Release date: 16 April 2019

Recent CTP claims data released by Suncorp shows that Sunshine Coast drivers are far safer than others across South East Queensland.

The Sunshine Coast region has a population of around 350,000 people, while Brisbane has a population of about 2.4 million.

In theory, Brisbane should have 6.85 times the number of CTP claims than the Sunshine Coast, based on the difference in population alone.

However, data released by CTP market leader Suncorp, shows the Brisbane region has a disproportionately high number of personal injury claims arising out of motor vehicle accidents.

The Sunshine Coast recorded 867 CTP claims in the last year whilst Brisbane recorded a staggering 32,069. This means that Queensland’s capital has 37 times more claims than the Sunshine Coast, despite Brisbane being only 6.85 times larger than the Coast by population.

Drivers on the Gold Coast also seem to be rather relaxed in their approach to driving on the roads, as the Gold Coast recorded 8,563 CTP claims. The Gold Coast by population is around 1.6 times larger than the Sunshine Coast, yet it recorded almost 10 times as many CTP claims as our region.

Leading compensation lawyer Travis Schultz, of Travis Schultz Law said, “The disproportionate number of claims being recorded in some of these areas is difficult to explain, other than on the basis of driver distraction.”

And the disproportionately high number of CTP claims is being seen outside the metro region with Toowoomba recording 992 CTP claims – over 100 more than the Sunshine Coast – yet Toowoomba has a population of only about one-third of that of the Sunshine Coast!

“The busyness of roads, congestion and peak hour frustration no doubt plays a part in the incidence of claims, but that can hardly explain the anomaly with Toowoomba where their population density is far less than we have here on the Sunshine Coast.” Mr Schultz said.

“Perhaps it’s simply the case that Sunshine Coast drivers are more cautious and disciplined in their focus and concentration. Or that they drive more defensively than those in other parts of the state? But whatever the reason, for the moment at least Sunshine Coast drivers appear to have the edge when it comes to safe driving.”