Jessica Cross

Jessica Cross


Jessica first entered the legal industry in 2010 and was drawn to personal injury law following her own experience. As a teenager, Jessica suffered serious injury after being hit by a 4WD as a pedestrian. She has since made a full recovery and has dedicated herself to assisting others in their personal injury journey. Jess has amassed over eleven years of dedicated personal injury law experience through roles within plaintiff and insurer firms and has worked on some of the highest-value claims, dealing with the most consequential of injuries.

Health and fitness are a huge passion of Jessica’s, and her past roles include managing a local gym. She has a particular interest in the mental health benefits of physical activity and supports various charities which align with this notion, including Headspace and RU OK, through involvement in events such as Run for Your Life and 24-hour Tread as One.

Jessica had always envisaged herself working alongside Travis Schultz and is a true advocate for our firm’s value of being community conscious.

Making the claims process as stress-free as possible for our clients is Jessica’s number one priority.

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