Rozhin Momeni

Rozhin Momeni

Executive Assistant

Rozhin has achieved significant academic milestones, having completed her bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice in 2023, prior to beginning her Law degree in 2024, furthering her commitment to advancing her career in the legal field.

Rozhin is experienced as a claims assessor and paralegal for TPD and Abuse matters across Queensland and New South Wales. Bringing these skills into her new role as an Executive Assistant, along with her positive and caring presence, Rozhin is a wonderful fit for our TSP team.

Rozhin was immediately attracted to TSP by its culture and welcoming environment, which she felt as soon as she stepped into the building. Carrying this forward, Rozhin aligns closely with TSP’s commitment to clients, always treating them fairly and with respect, working to build trust, and ensuring our clients feel supported throughout the claims process.

In her spare time, Rozhin enjoys writing Persian song lyrics and exploring new camping and hiking spots!

Contact Rozhin Momeni

Phone: 07 3155 6247