Trent Johnson Personal Injury Accredited Specialist

Trent Johnson

Special Counsel

Having worked in top-tier personal injuries firms for almost 20 years, Trent has built an enviable reputation within the legal fraternity and is known for his extensive claims expertise.

Trent met Travis Schultz at the beginning of his legal career on the Sunshine Coast almost 20 years ago and has admired how TSP contributes back to its community. Now having joined the team as part of the Bennett & Philp personal injury department merger in 2021, Trent hit the ground running, overseeing the team at the city office in Brisbane.

Trent is a QLS Personal Injury Accredited Specialist and serves on the Queensland Law Society’s Accident Compensation/Tort Law Committee.

Trent not only brings an impressive legal resume to TSP, his experience in emergency nursing provided a solid foundation for helping people.

According to Trent, being a personal injury lawyer has a lot of similarities to emergency nursing, including being able to put aside first impressions, listening carefully, and being open to new possibilities.

He takes the same approach in his legal career and uses his extensive knowledge of the claims process to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for his clients.