CTP insurance claims in Queensland

CTP (comprehensive third party) insurance claims in Queensland have very strict deadlines and if you miss these time lines, you may not be able to claim for compensation.

You have one (1) month from when you first consulted a lawyer about the possibility of making a claim or nine (9) months from the date of accident, whichever is the earliest, to lodge a Notice of Accident Claim form on the insurer for the vehicle at fault. If the Notice of Accident Claim form is not lodged within this time, you must provide a reasonable excuse for the delay.

If the accident was cause by an unidentified or uninsured vehicle the Notice of Accident Claim form must be lodge on the Nominal Defendant. If the Notice of Accident Claim form is not lodged within nine (9) months of the date of the accident, your claim for compensation will be statute barred and will not be able to claim compensation for your injuries.

If you are unable to resolve your claim with the relevant insurer, you must commence proceedings in Court within three (3) years of the date of the accident.

When can you file a CTP insurance claim?

You should file your CTP claim as soon as possible after your accident.

You must provide a CTP medical certificate with your Notice of Accident Claim form and a certified copy of your photographic identification.

Once you have filed your Notice of Accident Claim, the insurer has 14 days to respond to you and advise whether the Notice has been correctly completed. Once your claim has been lodged, the insurer may start paying for your reasonable and appropriate medical and rehabilitation costs. They may also reimburse you for any out-of-pocket expenses that you have incurred.

This article is a part of our Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Guide which is designed to help you navigate the process of making a motor vehicle claim where you may require a motor vehicle or car accident lawyer.

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