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A car accident Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance claim is an insurance claim that you make when you have a motor vehicle accident and have a CTP insurance policy. You make this claim to get compensation for being injured in a motor vehicle accident.

CTP insurance is required for all vehicles driving in Australia. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you can make a CTP Claim for personal injury benefits to cover losses that you may have incurred because of the accident. These losses include past and future lost earnings, various medical and care expenses, treatment needed and pain and suffering.

Claims are assessed and processed by the CTP insurer of the vehicle that is at fault.

Please note this guide is for Queensland drivers.

Who can make a CTP insurance claim?

Suppose you are injured in an accident that involves a motor vehicle, either as a driver, passenger, motorcycle rider, motorcycle passenger, cyclist or pedestrian. In that case, you can make a CTP insurance claim for losses that you have incurred.

If you are the driver at fault – you may still be able to make a CTP insurance claim through your CTP insurer’s ‘at-fault’ driver policy.

Note: CTP insurance claim forms differ by the state in Australia

Overview of the QLD CTP Claim Process

Here is an overview of the Queensland CTP claims process provided by the Motor Accident Insurance Commission.

9 Steps to Settle your claim

  1. Complete and submit your claim form
    • Get the required details and lodge a claim form online
  2. Confirmation of Lodgment
    • The insurer will let you know if you filled in the claim form correctly and whether they will pay for the appropriate rehabilitation expenses.
    • This happens within 14 days.
  3. Treatment and Rehabilitation
    • You can continue to get the treatment needed if you have a motor vehicle injury.
  4. Liability Assessment
    • Within six months, the insurer will decide on liability.
  5. Documentation for Insurer
    • The insurer needs to collect required documentation to assess your claim – i.e. medical evidence and supporting documentation.
    • This information will be used to assess your compensation claim
  6. Your Injury is Stabilised
    • You are recovered from your injury, or it is stabilised
  7. Negotiation of your CTP Claim
    1. Settlement negotiations happen with the insurer
  8. Claim Settlement
    • Finalising your compensation claims and have a successfully settled claim

What is liability?

Liability refers to fault or responsibility. Whoever was at ‘fault’ for the accident is liable for the injuries sustained by any third party. Under the CTP scheme, the insurer will pay any award of compensation on behalf of the liable party. This means, even if you are the driver at fault, you will not have to personally pay compensation to any injured person.

Why is it important to seek legal advice?

There are very strict time limits that apply to claims under the CTP scheme. If you miss these time limits, you may be barred from bringing a claim. Obtaining legal advice soon after the accident means your rights and all potential claims will be protected. Having legal representation throughout your CTP claim means you will be guided through the process from start to finish. Your lawyer will properly prepare your case to ensure you claim for all possible damages. Your lawyer will ensure all reasonable and necessary rehabilitation services are provided to you throughout the course of your claim.

How long will it take to settle?

Because each CTP claim is evaluated differently, the time it takes to settle varies. Minor injury cases that do not involve any questions about who caused the accident usually settle faster than claims involving more serious injuries or questions about who caused the accident.

This article is a part of our Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Guide which is designed to help you navigate the process of making a motor vehicle claim where you may require a motor vehicle or car accident lawyer.

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