20 June 2019

Does the growth of micro-firms spell the death knell of BigLaw?

If the recently released 2018 National Profile of Solicitors is any guide, there has been an explosion of new small and micro sole practitioner firms in Queensland. In the Sunshine State, 50% of lawyers work in firms with only one equity holder, which is well above the national average of 38%. Across Australia, there are

10 June 2019

Big-hearted business people raise thousands for charity

Cheers and roaring applause lifted the rooftop of the Maroochy RSL last Friday 7 June when more than 340 wine-loving members of the local business community gathered at the annual Travis Schultz Wine Makers Master Class and raised just over a staggering $141,000 for charity. Now in its seventh year running, this year’s tally takes

21 January 2019

Injuries to rise alongside popularity of ride sharing scooters

If you have ventured into the heart of Brisbane lately you will probably have noticed people riding scooters.  In fact, there is no escaping them.  They seem to whiz by at an alarming rate whether you are on the road or footpath and, because they are so quiet they have passed within millimetres of you

17 December 2018

Do we need more rules to force us to pay attention?

The spate of pedestrian and cyclist deaths this year suggests now might be a good time to have a conversation about what type of legislation is appropriate to reduce distracted commuting and improve road safety. According to the Australian Road Deaths Database, 174 pedestrians and 36 cyclists have been killed in the past 12 months

02 August 2018

Fatigue Management – An Employer Responsibility

It is often assumed that the responsibility of an employer, to take reasonable care to avoid injury to employees, ends at the end of the working day or when they leave work premises. But where fatigue management is concerned, that is not always the case. Fatigue management is a serious issue, especially for staff who

17 July 2018

$4.7 billion dollars awarded to baby powder victims

It’s not easy taking on the world’s largest health care company.  One that is also the highest paid drug company in the world.  But that is exactly what 22 women did, banding together to take on one of the world’s most powerful corporations, claiming the use of their talcum powder was the cause of their

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