25 July 2019

Will a data breach cost you your business?

It has long been said that data and databases are gold. For obvious reasons, marketers want them; and sadly, in more recent years – so do cyber-criminals. And for that reason, if you have a database and collect and/or store data you had better make sure you have systems in place to protect that gold

26 June 2019

Why we all need to pay attention to what is happening in Hong Kong

Perhaps George Orwell was more on the money than we gave him credit for in his book ‘1984’. At the time, the possibility of a regime where “Big Brother” watched your every move seemed highly unlikely to those of us living relatively carefree lives in countries where civil unrest was only ever on the fringes

29 June 2018

Facial recognition, privacy and why we should be concerned

Where it was once only imagined in sci fi movies facial recognition is fast becoming common place. And it seems we are embracing it with open arms, with many prepared to forgo privacy in return for the convenience it purports to provide us.   The law is not keeping pace with advancing technology The law

14 June 2018

PageUp, data breaches and the Privacy Act

What is a data breach? The Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 now establishes a Scheme which compels notification of data breaches where the breach is such that it is likely to result in serious harm to an individual whose personal information has been accessed. If hackers have accessed resumes held by Queensland Rail and WorkCover Queensland,

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