14 December 2019

Savvy Christmas shoppers beware e-scooter

It’s that time of year again. The Christmas lights are up, the stockings are out of the cupboard and the sales are whipping consumers into a shopping frenzy. Among drones and wireless headphones, one of the most popular gifts anticipated to sell out before Christmas 2019, is the electronic scooter or e-scooter. If you have

25 July 2019

Will a data breach cost you your business?

It has long been said that data and databases are gold. For obvious reasons, marketers want them; and sadly, in more recent years – so do cyber-criminals. And for that reason, if you have a database and collect and/or store data you had better make sure you have systems in place to protect that gold

05 June 2018

Bomber pilot war hero inspires the Travis Schultz Law brand

The colour purple is pretty important to Travis Schultz and his family, but none of his colleagues knew there was such special meaning behind this colour chosen as the brand for Travis Schultz Law.   More than 300 people attended the Travis Schultz Law launch at Pier33 in Mooloolaba recently where Travis’s mother Denise was invited to

09 April 2018

What does Travis Schultz Law do differently?

Having personally worked on over 5,000 cases over 19 years as an Accredited Specialist, Travis Schultz understands how dealing with a legal matter can be incredibly stressful. Having your needs at heart, we want to give you a run-down on what our firm does differently, to support your journey towards resolving your case. Fair Fee

Coronavirus & TSL

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