17 October 2019

Record-breaking success for stand-out Queensland law firm

Leading lawyer Travis Schultz has cemented his position as one of Queensland’s top-ranked compensation lawyers for the fourth year running. Announced in the prestigious Doyle’s Guide today, Mr Schultz was one of only two lawyers in Queensland to achieve the highest rank of Pre-eminent status in three plaintiff compensation categories including Pre-eminent Work Injury Compensation

10 October 2019

TSL a finalist in prestigious Sunshine Coast Business Awards

This week, the Travis Schultz Law team presented in front of an interview panel as a finalist in the professional services category of the prestigious Sunshine Coast Business Awards. Travis said it was a humbling experience to share the Travis Schultz Law story, the incredible team he has around him and the contribution they’ve been

08 October 2019

BigTech – a boon or bust for Australia’s economy?

A leading compensation lawyer fears Australia’s laws are out of date to handle the fast-paced technology giants who are collecting and analyzing an overwhelming amount of personal data every day. Travis Schultz has seen an increase in people inquiring about privacy breaches and finding there is often very little legal protection for them, and that

05 September 2019

Travis Schultz Law welcomes world champion

Resilience, mental strength and world-class leadership was front of mind when 80 guests were given exclusive access to a world champion at the Strategic Insight Seminar hosted by Travis Schultz Law at Pier 33 in Mooloolaba last night. Returning to his hometown on the Sunshine Coast, special guest and Ultra-Endurance athlete Richard Thompson explored the

04 September 2019

Warning to consumers after ACCC files lawsuit against Medibank

Travis Schultz is warning consumers to scrub up on their insurance policy after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) filed a claim in the Federal Court accusing Medibank of making false representations to its members and breaching consumer law. The prominent compensation lawyer and Principal of Travis Schultz Law said many people have blindly

15 August 2019

Hard to recover costs of scammers, warns leading compensation lawyer

When it comes to scams, most people believe they are immune to falling victim but as part of National Scams Awareness Week leading compensation lawyer Travis Schultz is warning of just how common it is and the difficulty with recovering costs. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission estimates Australians are expected to lose a record

28 June 2019

Business owners to be held responsible for third party comments on Facebook

Earlier this week a landmark judgement was handed down that is likely to impact every business owner who manages a Facebook page. And if they aren’t worried – they should be. On Monday Justice Stephen Rothman found that media companies can be held liable for comments published on their Facebook pages by third parties due

21 June 2019

Major milestone for boutique law firm

From the moment you shake hands with Travis Schultz, it is clear he is a man who doesn’t like to follow the crowd. His energy is palpable as he looks you directly in the eye. The vast palette of colour that dominates the artwork on his office walls is matched only by the man’s distinctive

11 June 2019

Woman wins huge payout for sexual harrassment

A recent decision by the Federal Circuit Court of Australia to award near-record damages of $170,000 to a woman who was sexually harassed by her boss, demonstrates that perpetrators of workplace sexual harassment not only risk criminal action but the imposition of heavy penalties. Leading compensation lawyer Travis Schultz has warned that employers must ensure

16 April 2019

Sunshine Coast drivers amongst the safest drivers in South East QLD

Recent CTP claims data released by Suncorp shows that Sunshine Coast drivers are far safer than others across South East Queensland. The Sunshine Coast region has a population of around 350,000 people, while Brisbane has a population of about 2.4 million. In theory, Brisbane should have 6.85 times the number of CTP claims than the

14 February 2019

Lawyer calls for Lime to introduce insurance

Prominent Queensland compensation lawyer Travis Schultz has warned that pedestrians may be the biggest losers from the uptake of Lime electric scooters, and has called for the company to provide public liability insurance that covers both the rider and footpath users. “Lime is valued at more than a billion dollars yet by not insuring their

01 February 2019

Pill testing questions still need to be answered

Following another spate of music festival drug overdoses on the weekend, high profile compensation lawyer Travis Schultz has questioned whose responsibility it is to keep patrons safe from harm at these events. Pill testing has been used at music festivals in Europe since the 1990s to monitor the quality and content of illicit drugs and

12 December 2018

Aldi work practices to be challenged in court

Palmview man Kevin John is suing supermarket chain Aldi for damages after being sacked following a serious lower back injury sustained while unloading stock at the German Company’s Maroochydore store. The 53-year-old grandfather, who has been unemployed for nine months since his dismissal, now risks losing his house and said his confidence and lifestyle has

12 November 2018

Leading Queensland lawyer calls for mutual respect on our roads

Sunshine Coast cycling enthusiast and high-profile lawyer, Travis Schultz believes that the laws that apply to cyclists in Queensland are generally misunderstood both by cyclists and motorists and there is a critical need for a greater mutual respect between both parties. “In my decades spent on the roads as a recreational road biker, I have

23 October 2018

Lawyer warns to check your medical privacy rights before 15 November

Leading lawyer Travis Schultz has warned that people concerned about protecting their medical privacy have less than a month left to opt out of the My Health Record (MHR) system. The principal of Travis Schultz Law said if individuals did not explicitly remove themselves from the MHR system by 15 November, the federal government would