At the core of our values is that we believe legal fees should be kept as low as possible.

Importantly, we are proud of our commitment to the community we serve and of our social conscience and for that reason we want our clients to always receive a great result from any claim they make.

For this to happen we have designed a fee structure which is as low as we can make it for our clients, while ensuring we also remain a viable and sustainable professional services firm.

Our Low Fee Promise contains the following points of difference which set us apart from most firms who offer no win/no fee services:

  • We don’t use time costing
  • We only charge in accordance with the Federal Court Scale – a scale of costs which is set by the Federal Government
  • Most firms that offer these arrangements will charge a loading of 25% on top of their normal fees for acting on a no win/no fee basis – but not us! Our Low Cost Promise comes with zero uplift fees
  • Our clients don’t have to pay any of our fees unless/until we win their case, yet we still don’t charge any uplift fees
  • We will pay all of the outlays (like medical report costs) on behalf of our clients, as they are incurred throughout the course of the case, AND we don’t charge any interest for doing so – it’s all part of our service!
  • We NEVER involve those expensive litigation lenders. Lower costs means our clients get more!
  • We offer a costs cap guarantee to our clients which is significantly lower than normal industry practice.  The Queensland Government imposes a gap on professional fees in no win/no fee matters under which the legal fees cannot exceed more than half of the net settlement sum.  We demonstrate our commitment to the interests of our clients by self-imposing a much lower cap of one-third of the net settlement sum and even then, its the exception rather than the rule.  It is only in small cases that the cap would potentially be reached – largely because we use such a low fee structure to begin with.

Despite all of these key points of difference, we still offer industry leading expertise as our client’s cases are looked after by experienced accredited specialists and their teams.  Our goal is to ensure that our clients have the best value proposition in Queensland.

The Proof

We recently tested our fee structure by asking an independent cost assessor to assess itemised accounts provided to some clients whose matters we took over from a big firm. The independent cost assessor re-assessed their itemised accounts using our own cost agreement based on the Federal Court Scale.  And the results were staggering!

According to the Independent Cost Assessor our fees for doing exactly the same work would have been between 30% and 45% lower than what our client’s previous lawyers wanted to charge!  Imagine what that would mean  in our client’s pockets at the end of their claims?