Publish date: 02 August 2021
Jemma Barnard standing with Travis Schultz

We are proud to announce the promotion of Jemma Barnard to an Associate, making her the youngest lawyer to hold this title in our award-winning team.

Managing Partner, Travis Schultz, said Jemma Barnard was a lawyer with a big future and the decision to promote her as the firm’s youngest Associate was a simple one.

Not only is Jemma bright, articulate and hard-working, but she also has remarkable emotional intelligence and legal intuition. Jemma’s alignment to the firm’s values and her compassionate approach to client-facing interactions make her a role model for other up-and-comers in the firm.

We are sure that Jemma will go far.

Jemma said she was honoured to accept the promotion and was excited about her future with the firm.

“I love being a personal injury lawyer because we make a real difference in the lives of our clients,” Jemma Barnard said.

Jemma says her work is thoroughly rewarding, and she feels incredibly privileged to advocate on our client’s behalf.

At Travis Schultz & Partners, we have a dynamic and energetic team with big ideas and even bigger hearts.

Jemma is looking forward to growing and building within our team.

This is not the first time Jemma has been recognised for her accomplishments at a young age. At just 19 years old, Jemma was recognised as the youngest person in Australia to manage an extensive residential and mixed-use properties portfolio during her early career in strata management.

Following her time in the property industry, she worked in commercial litigation, where she developed her passion for personal injury law.

Jemma says she is inspired by those with grit and courage to overcome adversity and believe that success is not determined by how skilled you are in avoiding the challenge but how you learn from the challenge once you have faced it head-on.

Jemma graduated from the University of Southern Queensland with a Bachelor of Laws in 2020. She has worked with TSP since 2019 as an executive assistant and a paralegal before her admission into the legal profession in 2020.

Jemma was also recently appointed as a Board Committee Member for the Suncoast Community Legal Service after volunteering with the organisation for almost four years.

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