At TSP, our lawyers summarise all relevant Queensland cases (plus a selection of relevant interstate cases) as they are handed down and then share them internally for training and professional development.

We decided that in the spirit of cooperation and working together, we would share these on our website so that the wider profession is able to use them as well.

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Al Haje v Elassaad [2024] NSWSC 689

Keywords: aggravated and exemplary damages, common law damages, intent to cause injury - self defence, intentional…

Watt v Redman [2024] NSWSC 638

Keywords: aggravated and exemplary damages, battery, sexual assault, torts, Trespass to the person

Forostenko v Springfree Trampoline Australia Pty Ltd [2024] QSC 1

Keywords: causation, Consumer Law, liability, quantum, S138 of the Australian Consumer Law, safety defect

Gomez v Woolworths Group Limited [2024] NSWCA 121

Keywords: factual causation, failure to implement systems, periodic inspection, reasonable precaution, slip and fall, supermarket

Kennedy v Malhotra [2024] NSWSC 576

Keywords: causation, failure to advise, failure to follow up, general practitioner and patient, loss of chance…

Kucinskas v Lane (No 2) [2024] NSWSC 544

Keywords: child sexual assault, Damages, Intentional torts

Xavier (a pseudonym) v Trustees of the Marist Brothers [2024] ACTSC 141

Keywords: Application to set aside deed of release, child sexual abuse., Civil law, Deed of release…

Alderson v Gause; Alderson (Compensation to Relatives) v Gause; Heafey v Gause; Heafey v Gause; Heafey v Gause; Heafey v Gause [2024] NSWDC 152

Keywords: landlord’s duty of care for smoke alarms, negligence, personal injury, pure mental harm damages, s…

Wang v Ford [2024] QCA 72

Keywords: APPEAL AND NEW TRIAL, POWERS OF COURT, Procedure, s 51A of the Motor Vehicle Accident…

Desmond-Bryzak v Lander [2024] QSC 72

Keywords: extension of limitation date, Limitations of Actions Act, material fact of a decisive character, medical…

Boothman v George [2024] WADC 26

Keywords: breach of duty, causation, exercise the skill and diligence expected of qualified person, medical negligence,…

Goodhew v WorkCover Queensland [2024] QSC 66

Keywords: Claims for compensation generally, Preliminary requirements, proceedings to obtain compensation, workers’ compensation

Hodson v Hurex Pty Ltd and Lederer Pty Ltd [2024] NSW DC 143

Keywords: calculation of damages, causation, Liability for pure psychiatric injury, liability of employer, liability of host…

Carey-Schofield v Hays & Civeo [2024] QSC 60

Keywords: Assessment of damages in tort, duty of care, GENERALLY, how should the damages be apportioned…

Rodgers v Chinsee [2024] QDC 55

Keywords: extension or postponement of limitation period, Limitation of actions

RJ bht RPC v State of New South Wales [2024] NSWDC 128

Keywords: negligence, prior knowledge and foreseeability of harm following earlier complaint and concerns of intellectually disabled…