Davies v Whitehaven Coal Mining Limited [2020] NSWCA 219

Keywords: breach of duty of care, creation of unnecessary risk

Filiposka v Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd [2020] NSWDC 540

Keywords: awkward lift and twist manoeuvre, back injury, breach of duty of care, chicken carcasses, contributory…

Sartor v Bitton [2019] NSWDC 723

Keywords: breach of guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law, Civil Liability Act NSW, fall, fishing charter…

AJIA v TJ and RF Fordham Pty Ltd t/a TRN Group [2020] NSWDC 371

Keywords: breach of duty, causation, contributory negligence, duty to provide competent staff, horse play, labour hire,…

Tayler v Hall [2020] NSWDC 321

Keywords: credibility, duty of care, illegal street race, joint illegal enterprise, motor vehicle accident, negligence, scope…

Moriarty v. The Department of Education [2020] NSWDC 368


State of Queensland (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries) v Workers’ Compensation Regulator [2020] QIRC 97

Keywords: appeal against decision of Workers Compensation Regulator, perceived conflict of interest, psychiatric or psychological injury,…

McKay v Armstrong & Anor [2020] QDC

Keywords: Acceptance conditional on signing discharge, Costs, Magistrates Court Jurisdiction, More favourable than judgment, Offer, UCPR

Khan v Workers Compensation Regulator [2020] QIRC 095

Keywords: appeal against decision of Workers Compensation Regulator, implementation of the performance management plan was reasonable…

Allwood v Sundin, Chung, Greaves & Anor [2020] QSC 188

Keywords: Administrative Law, Aggrieved, Apportionment, Degree of Permanent Impairment, Explanation for Delay, Extension of Time, Judicial…

Toskas v Waldron [2020] SADC 76

Keywords: application for further and better discovery, disclosure, discovery obligations, domestic household and gardening, Facebook posts,…

D’Souza v Barclays Building Services (WA) Pty Ltd [2020] WADC 87

Keywords: Extensive duty of care owed by contractor, Extent of duty of care owed by principal,…

Baker v Bunnings Group Limited [2020] NSWDC 310


Powell v JFIT Holdings Pty Ltd t/a New Dimensions Health and Fitness Centre [2020] NSW DC 264

Keywords: contributory negligence, nil past economic loss, occupier’s liability, reasonable response, spinal surgery, surveillance, waiver

Standley v OnePath Life Limited [2020] NSWSC 848