At TSP, our lawyers summarise all relevant Queensland cases (plus a selection of relevant interstate cases) as they are handed down and then share them internally for training and professional development.

We decided that in the spirit of cooperation and working together, we would share these on our website so that the wider profession is able to use them as well.

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Wollongong City Council v Williams [2021] NSWCA 140

Keywords: challenge to findings on contributory negligence and discount on past economic loss, fall on steps/…

Palace v RCR O’Donnell Griffin Pty Ltd (in liq) [2021] QCA 137

Keywords: Costs, leave, proper respondent, Public liability claim, serious question to be tried

Hoblos v Alexakis [2021] NSWCA 126

Keywords: Abnormal illness behaviour, Damages, Evidence of exaggeration or malingering, psychological injury

Munday v St Vincent’s Hospital [2021] VSCA 170

Keywords: causation, Inferences drawn and based on common sense or ordinary human experience, Lack of training,…

Stokes v Workers’ Compensation Regulator [2021] QIRC 211

Keywords: aggravation of degeneration, appeal, over period of time, s 32, Whether injury arose out of…

Metlife Insurance Limited v. Sandstrom [2021] NSWCA 123

Keywords: adverse medical opinions, assessment of claim, contractual obligations of insurer to assess claim in good…

El Dehaibi v Hanzoul Pty Ltd t/as Mr Fresh Punchbowl [2021] NSWDC 240

Keywords: assessment of damages, occupier’s liability

Deshong v Workers’ Compensation Regulator [2021] QIRC 205

Keywords: appeal against regulator’s decision, decision of regulator, major significant contributing factor, psychological injury, reasonable management…

Coleman v Caesarstone Australia Pty Ltd & Ors [2021] QSC 125

Keywords: application of the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002 (Qld), definition of a dust-related condition, Dust…

Faruk v Sydney Airport Corporation Ltd and Asset Link Services Pty Ltd [2021] NSWDC 206

Keywords: Foreseeability of the risk of harm, Nature and scope of duty of care owed by…

Tyndall v Kestrel Coal Pty Ltd (No 3) [2021] QSC 119

Keywords: assessment of damages, causation, duty of care, future economic loss, s 305B of the Workers’…

Schokman v CCIG Investments Pty Ltd [2021] QSC 120

Keywords: causation, drunken misadventure, scope of duty and breach, standard of care, vicarious liability, workers’ compensation

Williams v Fraser [2021] NSWSC 416

Keywords: breach of duty, causation, congenital condition, failure to report, medical negligence, unavoidable outcome, undiagnosed

Old v Miniter [2021] NSWCA 92

Keywords: Australian consumer law, breach of duty, causation, Civil Law (Wrongs) Act, medical hardware, medical negligence

Walsh v Workers’ Compensation Regulator [2021] QIRC 165

Keywords: accuracy of Appellant’s evidence, context when considering medical records, in home care worker, Jones v…

Robertson v State of Queensland & Anor [2021] QCA 92

Keywords: breach of duty, Damage and causation, existence of duty, mental or nervous shock or psychiatric…