At TSP, our lawyers summarise all relevant Queensland cases (plus a selection of relevant interstate cases) as they are handed down and then share them internally for training and professional development.

We decided that in the spirit of cooperation and working together, we would share these on our website so that the wider profession is able to use them as well.

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Kneale v Footscray Football Club Ltd [2023] VSC 679

Keywords: public liability, vicarious liability, volunteers


Keywords: accepted injury, common law, description of injury in Notice of Assessment, injury stated in Statement…

Alldinger v Du Ranot [2023] NSWCA 271

Keywords: application to adduce further evidence, motor vehicle accident

Bondi Beach Foods v Chadwick [2023] NSWCA 265

Keywords: contributory negligence, duty of care, knowledge of aggressive and drunken patrons, negligence, occupier of licensed…

Black Head Bowling Club v Harrower [2023] NSWCA 267

Keywords: causation, duty of club to undertake enquiries of safety of structure, liability of installer, negligence,…

Ghorbanzadeh v Western Sydney Local Health District [2023] NSWSC 1330

Keywords: notes prepared by expert for telephone call with solicitor, privilege, use of the notes during…

Eden v Jamieson & Anor [2023] QSC 240

Keywords: contributory negligence, discount for contingencies, future economic loss, negligence, pedestrian injury, torts

High Court of Australia GLJ V The Trustee of the Roman Catholic Church for the Diocese of Lismore [2023] HCA 32

Keywords: COURTS, Death of alleged perpetrator and other critical witnesses, limitation period, Permanent stay of proceedings,…

LTP v Natalwala [2023] WASC 414

Keywords: cause of action arising out of surgical procedures undertaken in 2011 and 2013, expert medical…

Morris v Evolution Traffic Control Pty Ltd & Anor [2023] QDC 195

Keywords: breach of duty, failure to warn, foreseeable risk, reasonable precautions, reasonable system, safe system of…

Evans v Suncoast Fencing [2023] QDC 192

Keywords: date of injury, meaning of “injury” and “event”, workers’ compensation

Farriss v Axford [2023] NSWCA 255

Keywords: APPEALS, breach, causation, consumer guarantees, Consumer Law, negligence, Where claim abandoned by counsel at conclusion…

Norsgaard v Aldi Stores (A Limited Partnership) [2023] QCA 204

Keywords: assessment of damages

DJW v State of Queensland [2023] QSC 138

Keywords: Historical Abuse, Inherent and general statutory powers, Keywords, State/Crown Responsibility, stay orders

Ryan v The Diocese of Wagga Wagga (Subpoena and discovery ruling) [2023] VSC 607

Keywords: discovery categories, Discovery of documents, legitimate forensic purpose, limiting scope of subpoenas

Parmar v Campbell [2023] ACTSC 281

Keywords: adjournment of proceedings, cause of plaintiff’s lack of earnings, CTP, fair trial, subsequent accident -…