At TSP, our lawyers summarise all relevant Queensland cases (plus a selection of relevant interstate cases) as they are handed down and then share them internally for training and professional development.

We decided that in the spirit of cooperation and working together, we would share these on our website so that the wider profession is able to use them as well.

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Patchett v Nichols and Nichols [2024] QDC 45

Keywords: admissibility, Assault, battery, evidence, Hearsay, Interference with the person, Joint wrongdoers, Liability-only trial, Multiple wrongdoers,…

Jackson v Furner [2024] NSWCA 66

Keywords: admission that driveway had recently been painted, negligence, slip and fall during an open house…

Peak v WorkCover Queensland [2024] QCA 38

Keywords: interpretation, whether the notice of non-compliance issued by the respondent, workers’ compensation

Lee v The Council of the City of Sydney [2024] NSWDC 69

Keywords: negligence, Protection for road authorities, s 45 Civil Liability Act, s 45A Special Statutory Power,…

Youssef v Graham Raymond Eckersley & Allianz Australia Insurance Limited [2024] QSC 35

Keywords: Assessment of damages in tort, Damages, income loss and loss of earning capacity, personal injury

Davie v Manuel [2024] WASCA 21

Keywords: factual causation, negligence, procedural fairness, whether error in law failing to comply with rule in…

State of New South Wales v Madden [2024] NSWCA 40

Keywords: award of damages including compensation for custody that was not a natural and probable consequence…

Palmer v. State of New South Wales [2024] NSWSC 179

Keywords: battery, Damages, default judgment, historical child sexual assault, Trespass

Islam v Linfox Pty Ltd & anor [2024] NSWCA 39

Keywords: causation, challenges to factual findings, claim for work injury damages for back condition, Costs, negligence,…

Johnston & Ors v Carroll (Commissioner of the Queensland Police Service) & Anor; Witthahn & Ors v Wakefield (Chief Executive of Hospital and Health Services and Director General of Queensland Health); Sutton & Ors v Carroll (Commissioner of the Queensland Police Service) [2024] QSC 2

Keywords: COVID-19, declarations, human rights., Judicial Review, mandatory vaccination, unlawful or invalid directions

Doerr v Gardiner [No 2] [2024] QCA 21

Keywords: civil proceedings in state and territory courts, Costs, indemnity costs, Procedure

Davis v Amaca Pty Ltd [2024] NSWDDT 2

Keywords: assessment of need for care in the future, common law of Australia, Damages, different assessments…

Macari v Snack Brands Foods Pty Ltd [2024] NSWSC 139

Keywords: factual assumptions relied upon by experts, occupier’s liability, slip and fall, slip on metal steps

Bishop v Compass Group Remote Hospitality Services Pty Ltd [2024] QDC 14

Keywords: where both liability and quantum of damages are in issue, Where the plaintiff claims damages…

Hunt v ALDI Foods Pty Limited trading as ALDI [2024] QDC 15

Keywords: causation, negligence, scope of duty, standard of care, torts, where the plaintiff employed by the…

Cox v DAC Finance (NSW/QLD) Pty Ltd & anor [2024] NSWDC 22

Keywords: lumbar spine injury, occupier’s liability, resolution of conflict of medical evidence