At TSP, our lawyers summarise all relevant Queensland cases (plus a selection of relevant interstate cases) as they are handed down and then share them internally for training and professional development.

We decided that in the spirit of cooperation and working together, we would share these on our website so that the wider profession is able to use them as well.

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West v Rosenlis [2021] VSC 41

Keywords: assessment of damages, defendant not present at trial, duty of care, jet ski collision, maritime…

Meechan v Savco Earth Moving Pty Ltd [2021] QDC 14

Keywords: causation, co-worker, contributory negligence, excavator, negligence, non-delegable duty, torts, workplace injury

Saul v Machalek & Anor [2021] QCA 7

Keywords: motor vehicle accident, past economic loss, prior injury at the time of accident, professional motorcycle…

O’Connell v Witham; TAC v Inroads Pty Ltd [2021] VSC 8

Keywords: apportionment of liabilities, contribution from roadworks contractor, contributory negligence, in the course of employment, injured…

Wicks v Workers’ Compensation Regulator [2021] QIRC 001

Keywords: aggravation of psychological injury, appeal to Commission, application for compensation, Church, hearing de novo, limitation…

Hubbard v CPB Contractors Pty Ltd (No 2) [2020] NSWSC 1922

Keywords: contributory negligence, fall, inconsistent versions, liability, obvious risk, occupier, reasonable precautions, security guard, torch

Tauri by his Tutor Carmelle Skipper v Janlin; Circuses Pty Ltd t/as Stardust Circus (No 3) [2020] NSWSC 1918

Keywords: assessment of damages, Head and Brain Injury, Infant, personal injury

Giles v State of Queensland [2020] QDC 332

Keywords: breach of duty, firefighter, first responders, psychiatric injury, workers’ compensation

Taj v David Pearce Trading As Sydney Lifting & Rigging [2020] NSWDC 740

Keywords: breach of duty, commercial assistance, contributory negligence, duty of care, factual causation, failure to warn,…

Castle v Perisher Blue Pty Limited [2020] NSWSC 1652

Keywords: collision on slope, Consumer Law, contributory negligence, dangerous recreational activity, guarantee as to due care…

Belmont v McDonalds Australia Limited [2020] QDC 319

Keywords: breach of duty, inadequate lighting, occupier’s liability, public liability, trip and fall

Arndell BHT Arndell v Old Bar Beach Festival Incorporated; Cox v Mid-Coast [2020] NSWSC 1710

Keywords: aeroplane, aircraft, care control and management, Civil Aviation Regulations, claim by occupant of Ferris wheel,…

Lee (a pseudonym) v Dhupar [2020] NSWDC 717

Keywords: gynaecological surgery for elective sterilisation, professional negligence, rejection of inherent risk defence, rejection of peer…

Bauer Media Pty Ltd v Khedrlarian [2020] NSWCA 288

Keywords: admissibility of evidence, breach of duty, expert report, job rotation, negligence, precautions against workplace injury,…

Dickson v Northern Lakes Rugby League Sport and Recreation Club Inc. [2020] NSWCA 294

Keywords: presumption that a wrongdoer intends the natural and probable consequences of his or her conduct,…

Motlap v Workers’ Compensation Regulator [2020] QIRC 196

Keywords: appeal against decision of the Regulator, credibility of witnesses, whether the appellant is a worker…