Nothing is more important than the wellbeing of your home, family and business. You could be able to claim compensation for professional negligence over the loss suffered if you have put your trust in a professional and they have let you down.

Solicitors, accountants, engineers and other professionals have a legal duty to do their jobs according to strict guidelines and laws. If they don’t abide by the rules and you suffer loss, our team can help.  

Many professionals have a duty of care to provide you with the best guidance and advice possible. If you have been left out of pocket by poor professional advice, get in touch today.

The process of making negligence compensation claims

These types of claims are complex and unique to each person’s situation. As a first step, seek legal advice over what has happened if you believe you have a case for professional negligence. Our team provides an obligation-free consultation and will be able to advise you on the viability of your claim and what to do next.


It’s important to act quickly. As a general rule, it is advisable that you action your case within nine months of the incident occurring.

Our lawyers may undertake these matters on a No Win / No Fee and low cost basis, which means you don’t have to pay our legal fees unless we win your claim.

Apart from our accredited experts providing one-on-one personalised service, the most compelling reason why you should choose us is our high levels of expertise combined with low fees. Most law firms abide by the government set cap on professional fees of 50% of a settlement. But not us. We charge only on the government set Federal Court Scale and set a much lower cap of one third of the settlement. That means our clients get the lion’s share of their settlement, like they deserve.