Paetzold v At Beach Court Holiday Villas Pty Ltd [2024] QDC 35

Keywords: causation, defect, Economic Loss, Employer Liability, illegal receipt of Centrelink benefits, negligence

Islam v Linfox Pty Ltd & anor [2024] NSWCA 39

Keywords: causation, challenges to factual findings, claim for work injury damages for back condition, Costs, negligence,…

Hunt v ALDI Foods Pty Limited trading as ALDI [2024] QDC 15

Keywords: causation, negligence, scope of duty, standard of care, torts, where the plaintiff employed by the…

Oxman v Raphael Road Pty Ltd [2024] WADC 3

Keywords: causation, contract, Injury from electric shock, Limitation of actions, negligence, occupier’s liability, statutory duty, Turns…

Langdon v Carnival PLC t/as P&O Cruises Australia [2023] NSWSC 1406

Keywords: causation, credibility, inconsistent versions, neck, psychological injury from fall on steps, shoulder

Black Head Bowling Club v Harrower [2023] NSWCA 267

Keywords: causation, duty of club to undertake enquiries of safety of structure, liability of installer, negligence,…

Farriss v Axford [2023] NSWCA 255

Keywords: APPEALS, breach, causation, consumer guarantees, Consumer Law, negligence, Where claim abandoned by counsel at conclusion…

Welsh v Biggin Pty Ltd (No 2) [2023] QSC 211

Keywords: breach of duty of care, causation, Mechanism of injury

Furner v Jackson [2023] NSWSC 914

Keywords: causation, Damages, duty of dare, expert medical evidence, foreseeability of risk, general principles, liability established,…

Coalroc Contractors Pty Ltd v Matinca (No 2) [2023] NSWCA 127

Keywords: causation, duty of care, employee driving home from successive 12 hour shifts at coal mine,…

David Smith v Peter Walker [2023] VSCA 61

Keywords: causation, contributory negligence, failing to keep a proper lookout, motor vehicle accident, negligence, torts

Schafer v Glendale RV Syndication [2022] QDC 263

Keywords: causation, chef, pre-existing degenerative condition, shoulder, workers’ compensation

Davie v Manuel [2022] WADC 91

Keywords: causation, defect, duty of care, negligence, single vehicle accident.

Yousif v Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd [2022] NSWDC 516

Keywords: causation, Credit, Damages, evidence, negligence, witnesses

Mt Pleasant Stud Farm Pty Ltd v McCormick [2022] NSWCA 191

Keywords: causation, increased risk of harm. expert opinion, negligence

Matinca v Coalroc (No.5) [2022] NSWSC 844

Keywords: causation, duty of care, fatigue management, journey claim, negligence, single vehicle accident.