Gemma Jagger

Gemma Jagger


Gemma Jagger is currently on maternity leave.

Gemma commenced her career in the legal industry in 2012 as Junior Legal Assistant; she has benefitted from working in several areas of personal injury law and with various professionals and clients.

Unfortunately, Gemma’s mother sustained a severe back injury from a motor vehicle accident when she was a child. This experience gave Gemma first-hand knowledge and insight into how life-changing it can be for the person who sustained the injury and the ripple effect the outcomes of these accidents can have on their loved ones. This personal experience steered Gemma towards a career in law and drives her desire to contribute and assist others in their time of need.

Gemma values how our lawyers take the time to get to know each client’s circumstances and build a personal relationship with them to achieve the best result possible. She says during a claim, it’s invaluable to know someone is in your corner offering support, compassion and care.

Being a Paralegal is important to Gemma as it allows her to play a role in each client’s process while still enjoying the administrative tasks.

When Gemma is away from the office, she enjoys spending time with her young family and two dogs.

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Phone: 07 5406 7434