Because we’re fair, we believe legal fees should be kept as low as possible.

Importantly, we are compensation lawyers with a community conscience and for that reason we want our clients to always receive the Lion’s Share of their settlement. Because that’s what they deserve. For this to happen we have designed a fee structure which is as low as we can make it for our clients, while ensuring we also remain a viable and sustainable professional services firm.

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Our lower fee promise contains the following points of difference which sets us apart from most firms who offer No Win / No Fee services:

No time costing

We don't use timesheets.

No loading

We only charge in accordance with the Federal Court Scale.

Zero outlay

We pay all outlays (eg. medical report costs) for our clients and we don't charge interest for doing so.

An Independent Cost Assessor assessed an itemised account from a Biglaw firm that we took over and found that had we been acting for them from the start, the legal fees would have been 20 – 40% lower on our fee structure.


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