Kelly Phelps

Kelly Phelps

Chief Operating Officer

Kelly had just graduated university when Travis first met her more than 13 years ago. She was Amy Smith’s best friend and Amy put her forward as someone who would do a great job working with the team pursuing client matters. Although Kelly has had periods away from work to raise her children, she has always been an integral part of the team and it’s difficult to imagine the firm without her.

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Business (Management), she was the obvious fit for the Practice Manager role when Travis Schultz & Partners was birthed in 2018. Since then, Kelly has taken on the role of Chief Operating Officer but it hasn’t stopped her from rolling up her sleeves to undertake hands-on case work when the team are under pressure.

Kelly measures success by contribution, and believes that the most meaningful way to succeed is to help others succeed, which is why she loves her role at TSP.

Contact Kelly

Phone: 07 5406 0432
Mobile: 0403 682 626