16 April 2019

Self-indulgent, arrogant and narcissistic managers disengage their teams….especially in Law Firms

For many years I’ve taken the view that the best way to provide “constructive feedback” to a reluctant team member in a Law Firm is to start with a story of my own personal failing or learning experience from a similar stage in my career. Not only does it make the task of pointing out

02 April 2019

People before profits

The new tool making insurers nervous For many years’ financial planners, accountants and advisors have recommended that your financial strategy include not just investments and a budget, but the prudent use of risk insurance to protect your financial future should you become ill or suffer an injury and are no longer able to work on

21 January 2019

Injuries to rise alongside popularity of ride sharing scooters

If you have ventured into the heart of Brisbane lately you will probably have noticed people riding scooters.  In fact, there is no escaping them.  They seem to whiz by at an alarming rate whether you are on the road or footpath and, because they are so quiet they have passed within millimetres of you

17 December 2018

Do we need more rules to force us to pay attention?

The spate of pedestrian and cyclist deaths this year suggests now might be a good time to have a conversation about what type of legislation is appropriate to reduce distracted commuting and improve road safety. According to the Australian Road Deaths Database, 174 pedestrians and 36 cyclists have been killed in the past 12 months

07 November 2018

Outsourcing tasks could be riskier than you think

Finding the right trade or professional to do an odd job or help around the home can often be challenging, particularly if it is a ‘once off’ task or too small for regular trades to undertake. Recognising an opportunity existed, Airtasker sought to fill this gap when they launched in 2012. Airtasker is a popular

15 October 2018

Sporting Accidents – playing within the rules

Sport is part of the Australian way of life.  We play it, watch it and bet on it. For those who get physical and play in it, the health benefits generally outweigh the risks of participating. However, if someone is hurt in the pursuit of their chosen sport, the question of liability often arises, and

14 August 2018

Drones – an invasion of privacy?

It is without question that the use of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have certainly added another dimension to film makers or those making videos to promote a region, housing estate or property.  Farmers are also seeing the benefit of using drones to monitor livestock, check on storm damage, crop dusting and irrigation management.

14 August 2018

Fake news, digital disruption and defamation

According to a prominent Queensland lawyer, defamation laws in Australia have failed to move at a pace consistent with the digitalisation of our world and are giving the internet giants like Google, Facebook and Instagram, a free kick at the expense of traditional media organisations and the thousands of Australians they employ. Travis Schultz, Principal

17 July 2018

$4.7 billion dollars awarded to baby powder victims

It’s not easy taking on the world’s largest health care company.  One that is also the highest paid drug company in the world.  But that is exactly what 22 women did, banding together to take on one of the world’s most powerful corporations, claiming the use of their talcum powder was the cause of their

12 July 2018

Sexual harassment and psychological injury

The issue of sexual harassment has risen to prominence as a result of allegations being made against high profile Hollywood types and other celebrities in recent years. The #MeToo movement has been gaining momentum and putting the issue of sexual harassment and discrimination in the spotlight. In Queensland, the Anti-Discrimination Act has made sexual harassment

06 July 2018

Mandatory insurance policies – are you really covered?

Many people take it as a given that when participating in organised sport, and where you pay for and are provided with mandatory insurance that you MUST take in order to participate, that if the unforeseen happens, you will be covered. However, the reality is that the insurance is often inadequate in terms of covering

29 June 2018

Facial recognition, privacy and why we should be concerned

Where it was once only imagined in sci fi movies facial recognition is fast becoming common place. And it seems we are embracing it with open arms, with many prepared to forgo privacy in return for the convenience it purports to provide us.   The law is not keeping pace with advancing technology The law

14 June 2018

PageUp, data breaches and the Privacy Act

What is a data breach? The Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 now establishes a Scheme which compels notification of data breaches where the breach is such that it is likely to result in serious harm to an individual whose personal information has been accessed. If hackers have accessed resumes held by Queensland Rail and WorkCover Queensland,

05 June 2018

Bomber pilot war hero inspires the Travis Schultz Law brand

The colour purple is pretty important to Travis Schultz and his family, but none of his colleagues knew there was such special meaning behind this colour chosen as the brand for Travis Schultz Law.   More than 300 people attended the Travis Schultz Law launch at Pier33 in Mooloolaba recently where Travis’s mother Denise was invited to

09 April 2018

What does Travis Schultz Law do differently?

Having personally worked on over 5,000 cases over 19 years as an Accredited Specialist, Travis Schultz understands how dealing with a legal matter can be incredibly stressful. Having your needs at heart, we want to give you a run-down on what our firm does differently, to support your journey towards resolving your case. Fair Fee