Publish date: 16 January 2023

I am pleased to share our team has hit the ground running for 2023 with the appointment of yet another highly experienced compensation lawyer to our ranks. Special Counsel, Emma Davidson has worked in the legal industry since 2009 and brings with her a wealth of knowledge. Welcome, Emma!  

Emma has changed the lives of hundreds of people struggling through personal adversity over the years. 

“I like to feel as though I’m making a genuine difference in people’s lives,” Emma said.  

“While I know I can’t get my client’s life completely back to how it was before they were injured, I can do my best in being their voice and ensuring they are adequately represented through the legal process. 

“I will also make sure they are maximising their ability to access rehabilitation and support services in a bid to help bring closure to that part of their lives.”  

Emma joining our 55-strong team is a coup for the firm, in particular our Brisbane bureau where Emma will be based for the majority of her work.   

Securing someone with so much experience across a broad range of personal injury claims, such as latent onset injuries, workers compensation and motor vehicle accidents, only heightens the value of the service and expertise our team brings to Queenslanders. 

Aside from Emma’s experience, she also believes in seeking justice for her clients as efficiently as possible to ensure they receive the bulk of their settlement funds at a time when they need it most. We are thrilled to welcome Emma to the TSP family.  

Emma said she was primarily drawn to work for TSP because of our values of fairness, respect and compassion.  

“Having worked previously at a large corporate law firm, I felt red tape and policy would constantly drag me away from what I enjoy most which is client advocacy,” Emma said.  

“TSP seemed to me to be a firm which provided not only expert professional services but delivered them in an efficient way to ensure its clients walk away with the lion’s share of their payout.  

“There is no point in excelling in excellence and advocacy if at the end of the day it doesn’t produce a fair result for our clients.”  

In addition to her work at TSP, Emma is also a member of the Australian Lawyers Alliance and Women Lawyers Association of Queensland. 

Emma is a well-versed lawyer, she’s warm, extremely generous with her time and is a person who aligns perfectly with the culture we’ve worked hard to build at TSP.  

To learn more or get in touch with Emma, click here.   

As published in QLS Proctor and Lawyers Weekly.

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