Publish date: 05 December 2022
Travis Schultz in Brisbane

Our Queensland-based compensation law firm has claimed a rare achievement in the National Doyle’s Guide Rankings for 2022, with our founding partner, Travis Schultz, being the only lawyer in Queensland to make the preeminent lists and the only lawyer across Australia to be ranked Preeminent in all three core areas of compensation law, including work injury, motor vehicle and public liability.

Congratulations, Travis, on an incredible accolade. These acknowledgements are a credit to your decades of dedication to injured people, your team, the profession and constant learning.

Congrats also to Tim McClymont on your ‘recommended’ national rankings. This recognition for Tim is also an incredible achievement and reflects what Tim brings to our team and the legal profession with his dedication and unwavering commitment to his clients. Our team is extremely fortunate to have access to his wealth of knowledge.

Official rankings received:

  • Travis SchultzPreeminent – Leading Work Injury Compensation Lawyers (Plaintiff) – Australia, 2022
  • Travis SchultzPreeminent -Leading Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Lawyers (Plaintiff) – Australia, 2022
  • Tim McClymont – Recommended -Leading Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Lawyers (Plaintiff) – Australia, 2022
  • Travis SchultzPreeminent – Leading Public Liability Compensation Lawyers (Plaintiff) – Australia, 2022
  • Tim McClymont – Recommended – Leading Public Liability Compensation Lawyers (Plaintiff) – Australia, 2022

View all rankings here:

Travis was very honoured to receive this accolade and said, “in any profession, being recognised by one’s peers is the greatest compliment.”

At TSP, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with unparalleled expertise, and these national rankings reinforce our ability and credibility to deliver on that promise.

This accolade for Travis really is a result of years of dedication in seeking justice for injured and vulnerable people in our community, along with a commitment to excellence, both on an individual level and throughout the profession. Travis opened the doors to TSP just four and a half years ago and has since been able to help a significant number of injured people, with the support of his incredible legal team, who are outcomes-focused and values-driven in all they do.

The key lesson Travis has learnt over the past four years is that having a high expertise, low cost, values driven and community approach is what has set TSP apart. We believe our peers have recognised and applauded this approach in awarding us these coveted rankings and we thank them for this acknowledgement.

These rankings follow our firm’s recent results in the Doyle’s Guide at the State level, when we were recognised as a Leading Law Firm in all three compensation law categories and saw six of our lawyers receive high-level rankings.

A final congratulations to our peers and friends on this inspirational list of leading compensation lawyers, congratulations to you all!

The Australian Doyle’s Guide is an annual listing of the best lawyers in Australia based on peer surveys with rankings determined on ability and the quality of positive feedback. More information about the 2021 Australian Doyle’s Guide rankings can be viewed at

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